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Ceramic Braces vs Metal Braces

Your child may have been told they need braces; however, there are a few different types of braces to choose from. At Wood Orthodontics, we offer ceramic and metal braces in Weatherford, TX.    Ceramic Braces in Weatherford, TX There are several reasons that many patients choose ceramic braces over metal braces. Many patients say…

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What to do if you have a Broken Bracket

If your child has a broken bracket, or one of the brackets on their braces has broken loose from their tooth, don’t panic. A broken bracket is a common occurrence and nothing to worry about. If your child’s bracket breaks, call our office and schedule an appointment. Learn more about broken brackets in Weatherford, TX. …

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Affordable Braces in Weatherford, TX

At Wood Orthodontics, Dr. Wood and his team are dedicated to your child’s oral health. We understand that although braces are necessary for many children, they can be a significant expense. Our team at Wood Orthodontics offers affordable braces in Weatherford, Texas.    Free Exam and In-Office Diagnostic Records We offer affordable braces in Weatherford,…

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What is TMD? tmd therapy wood orthodontics dentist in weatherford texas

What is TMD?

Many patients in the Weatherford, Texas area and around the globe suffer from TMD, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. TMD can cause severe pain in patients’ lives, and simple everyday tasks such as yawning and drinking can become painful. This blog post will discuss what TMD is and how to find out if you have it. Keep…

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Traditional Braces for Adults first visit wood orthodontics dentist in weatherford texas

Traditional Braces for Adults

If you are an adult in the Weatherford, Texas area and dream of straightening your smile, come to Wood Orthodontics. At Wood Orthodontics, Dr. Wood and his team are dedicated to your orthodontic success. We offer traditional braces for adults and other orthodontic treatments to help you reach your smile dreams. Keep reading to learn…

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Emergency Orthodontist in Weatherford first visit wood orthodontics dentist in weatherford texas

Emergency Orthodontist in Weatherford

During your child’s orthodontic treatment, they may experience an orthodontic emergency. An orthodontic emergency is when something happens to the traditional metal braces that could severely damage your gums, teeth, or soft tissues. Keep reading to learn more about Wood Orthodontics, an emergency orthodontist in Weatherford, Texas.    When do you Need an Emergency Orthodontist?…

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ClearCorrect FAQ’s

Clear Correct FAQ’s Wood Orthodontics offers ClearCorrect Aligners, a clear form of orthodontic treatment that serves as an effective, discrete alternative to traditional wire braces. Below we have listed some of the most  frequently asked questions  about ClearCorrect  to provide a better understanding of what they are and how they can benefit you.    What…

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There are varying and conflicting statistics on how likely your child is to need braces or other orthodontic devices to correct their bite during their childhood. One thing we can say with a certain amount of confidence is that something in the region of four in 10 kids will end up getting braces at some…

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ClearCorrect VS Traditional Braces

When it comes to getting braces it can be an overwhelming process. Factors such as the look, comfort and the journey involved to getting straight teeth is a lot to consider so with this guide you should feel a little more comfortable about getting them. Deciding between clear retainers and traditional braces depends on the…

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