If you believe your jaws don’t fit perfectly together or if you have been told by a dental professional that you should fix your bite, you have come to the right place. If your bite is off and you don’t get it fixed with Orthodontic work it could bring some serious problems including:

  • Increased chance of possible injury to jaw bones or teeth
  • A decrease in accuracy of speech
  • Wear and tear of the enamel of teeth

There are many different ways that your jaws could be positioned that would indicate that your bite is off and you need Dr. Wood to do some Orthodontic magic. If you are wondering whether you suffer from a bite that needs to be corrected, please read the types of bites that there can be and see which one is closest to yours!

Overbite & Underbite

If you have an overbite, also known as overjet, it is most likely that you will see that your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth by a good amount. Having an overbite could make it so that your bottom teeth are hitting the top of your mouth when biting.
Having an underbite is exactly the opposite of an overbite, where your bottom jaw is extended and your bottom teeth are protruding out.

Crowding & Spacing

Crowding happens when there isn’t enough space for your teeth to come in. Being the most common reason why people get braces is because of crowding. Because there isn’t enough room for the teeth to erupt properly, they grow rotated.

Spacing is where there are big spaces between the teeth either because of teeth failing to erupt or aesthetic reasons. Spacing is another big reason for braces because they pull them all together.


Having an open bite means that when your back teeth are together and touching, there is a significant gap between the top and bottom teeth. From the front, it looks like your mouth is open even though it’s closed!

If you believe that you could have one of these bite types it is important to come and speak to Dr. Wood and see if you require braces. Braces do many things including straighten your teeth and in this case fix your bite. Having a messed up bite can cause a lot of pain and can have lasting effects on daily life.


Come see us at Wood Orthodontics if you are in Weatherford, TX, or any surrounding areas! We would love to help you fix your bite and reach your perfect smile!