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Wood Orthodontics is a dentist near Annetta, TX.

 It is well-known throughout the area for its fun office environment, courteous and caring staff, and sincere interest in the wellbeing of its patients. 

The practice is based on Hilltop Drive in a quiet and charming part of town. It is headed up by Dr. Steve Wood, a local practitioner whose family has lived in the area for more than 50 years. 

Dr. Wood got his start in dental surgery after completing certification at the Medical College of Virginia. He has since gone on to complete additional training, adding to the repertoire of procedures available to patients at his practice. 

The medical practice believes in continued and ongoing medical training. Each member of staff, including Dr. Wood, regularly updates their skills to get to grips with the latest medical science in the field. 

As a dentist near Annetta, TX, Wood Orthodontics offers patients a range of services and options. Dental services available at the practice include orthodontics, techniques for correcting bite issues, and a variety of braces for tooth alignment. Patients are invited to attend an initial examination free of charge and then, if necessary, receive in-office diagnostics – also free of charge – at their first visit. 

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About The Area

As a dentist near Annetta, Wood Orthodontics is proud to serve the local area. Annetta is a town in Parker County in northern Texas and named after the daughter of the founder of the settlement, a Mr. Fraser. 

The town got its start in the 1870s which means that it is newer than many of the settlements in Texas. Mr. Fraser built a shop and a station on the current site of the town, attracting business and passengers to the area. Before long, Annetta had become a major stop on the route across the country. 

Today, the original general store and station no longer exist. The original Annetta Methodist Church, established in 1886 is also gone, replaced by a stone building in 1937. This still stands today and you can see it if you visit the town. 

During the 1970s, the population of Annetta and the surrounding area increased dramatically. People moved from across Parker County and the extraterritorial areas of Fort Worth to live in the region. In 1979, the residents decided to incorporate the region, turning three towns, Annetta, Annetta South, and Annetta North into a single community.

Despite its connections to the outside world, though, Annetta remains a small place. According to the 2000 census, the population was just 1,100, with the town only adding around 160 people since that time. Annetta is famous for its Aledo Independent School District. 

Most of the people living in Annetta are young. Around 33.5 percent of people are under the age of 18, with a further 31 percent under the age of 44. 

The settlement is a relatively prosperous one, with average incomes per household at more than $80,000. Only around 2.2 percent of families were below the poverty line according to the most recent census.