Chances are you might have heard of ClearCorrect in the past year, as the treatment’s popularity has really soared. Still, many people don’t know the extent of the benefits that ClearCorrect can offer for patients past the obvious straightening of teeth. This post will give you a little more information on the treatment that we offer here in Weatherford, Texas and run through some of the numerous ways in which ClearCorrect could help you.


1. No Painful Brackets Or WiresClearCorrect

It’s a universally known fact that traditional braces can be a bit of a pain for patients, and one of the main culprits for these issues are the sharp edges of the wires and brackets that make up the braces. For some these can cause painful cuts on the gums inside the cheeks and lips, and takes some getting used to. Many patients also complain of uncomfortable aches and pains in the days just after getting their braces tightened, which is a pretty regular part of the process. Pain, in general, has basically been part and parcel of the process for years, but it no longer has to be the case. ClearCorrect is much smoother and is made out of soft plastic, meaning there are no hard wires to cause problems. It also means that they are completely removable, so if you did feel any discomfort, for example, whilst eating, you could simply take them out.


2. ClearCorrect Can Be The Fastest Way To Achieve Results

Everybody’s journey to their perfect smile is different, and every patient will get there in different time frames.  Braces need at least the same amount of time to straighten teeth and improve the positioning of teeth, but the accuracy that comes with ClearCorrect can sometimes achieve the same results in a shorter amount of time.


3. Few Will Notice Your Treatment With ClearCorrect

On account of the metal that makes up standard braces, they’re pretty hard to miss in terms of other people seeing them. This often isn’t as much of an issue in adolescence, when most of your friends and peers might also be in the same boat, but it is understandably less desirable for adults. As you might have guessed from the name, ClearCorrect pretty much eradicates this issue, and they are practically invisible. It is not uncommon for people to get through the entire process of ClearCorrect without friends or colleagues noticing them. This means that you can reap the compliments of your newly straight smile without anybody knowing how you got it!



ClearCorrect really does offer an enhanced experience, with outstanding results to go with it. Now that you know a little more about why everybody is going crazy for them, it is time to reach out to Wood Orthodontics and take the next step on your journey towards a perfect smile.