treatment Payment Options

Payment plans are designed to assist in making orthodontic treatment more budget friendly.  Please remember that the amount and number of payments made during the course of treatment does not reflect the number of treatment months. 

Whomever signs the treatment contract will be known as the Responsible Party(ies):

We offer a variety of options to choose from to help fit your budget.

  • Personal checks or cash
    • We accept personal checks or cash at our office
    • We can set up monthly drafts from your checking or savings account
    • NOTE: we do not accept third party or post-dated checks at any time
  • Third party payment plans, some have low interest rates and extended pay schedules
    • This option is between the responsible party(ies) and the respective finance company
    • We can help direct the responsible part(ies) to several third-party vendors
  • Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
    • Automatic monthly drafts can be set up by our office
    • This can be beneficial when more than one responsible party is involved
    • We also accept credit card payments through our payment portal on our website
  • Payment in full (this option is not available with any type of third-party financing).
    • Available with payment by cash, or check only.
    • Pay-in-Full: Discount of 10% for being paid in full in a single payment
    • Payment is due prior to placing any braces or delivering any appliances.
    • This discount reflects a savings that defers expenses incurred by our office managing the account.
    • Your respective insurance policy may affect the overall discount amount.
  • In-house payment plans are without a finance charge for accounts that remain current.
    • No credit check involved.
    • There will be a late fee of 2% (24% per annum) charged on balances over 60 days past due.


Orthodontic treatment will be terminated if default by any responsible party occurs during treatment and if necessary any outstanding balance(s) will be subject to collection action.