Clear VS Traditional Braces

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When it comes to getting braces it can be an overwhelming process. Factors such as the look, comfort and the journey involved to getting straight teeth is a lot to consider so with this guide you should feel a little more comfortable about getting them. Deciding between clear retainers and traditional braces depends on the final look you want to achieve as well as the time scale and ease of the installment. 


Clear aligners are the best option for people who do not want to see the braces. You will go through a journey of various clear aligners that are made from a hard plastic. As time goes on you will change onto each aligner which will move your teeth more more into the end result. These retainers need to be worn around twenty two hours a day to be most effective in the process, they can be taken out when drinking or eating. These are a great option if you like to be able to eat whatever you like without the worry of getting anything stuck in them. Each retainer is customized to you and your teeth.

Traditional braces

The traditional braces are the classic train track design that you will see around with the wire strip along the teeth with a bracket glued onto each tooth to realign the teeth. The wire is a high quality that will not rust or snap that is a very effective part of the treatment. Some people avoid this type of brace due to them looking unattractive but newer designs are a lot smaller so they are not so heavy in the mouth. These can be worn by people of all ages. For the younger ages, it can be difficult to convince your child that this is a good process for them in the future, therefore this design allows them to choose colored elastic bands so they can choose a color each time they visit to make it more interesting. 

Clear correct vs traditional braces

Although these are both amazing methods to receiving straight teeth, it is best to discuss the results with an orthodontics company so you understand what you want and the best method for your situation. Wood Orthodontics in Weatherford, Texas will provide you with the information you need to start your journey to straight teeth. Both clear correct and traditional braces are going to get you to your dream mouth but it depends on whether you are worried about seeing them day to day or if it is a better option to have the invisible method. With clear correct aligners you may gain a slight lisp when you talk which could annoy you over time whereas the traditional braces could be hard after you eat because it can get stuck in between the metalwork. 

They both cost about the same, depending on where you get them and clear correct aligners can often be a faster way of getting the end result. You could get corrected teeth within four to six months with the clear aligners but this depends on each case.