How to Handle Common Orthodontic Emergencies

If you’re an orthodontic patient, you know how important it is to keep up with regular appointments and follow your orthodontist’s instructions. But, sometimes, orthodontic emergencies do happen. Whether a wire poking your cheek or a bracket coming loose, these issues can be uncomfortable and even painful. Don’t suffer in pain. If you have an […]

Local Weatherford Orthodontist

Weatherford locals, are you looking for a qualified orthodontist? Local Weatherford Orthodontist is your answer! We offer many helpful options to straighten teeth in Weatherford, including traditional braces, clear aligners, and more. We want to help you get the beautiful smile that will make you feel confident. Let us help you achieve that goal with […]

Emergency Orthodontist in Weatherford

orthodontist emergency First Visit Emergency Orthodontist in Weatherford first visit wood orthodontics dentist in weatherford texas

During your child’s orthodontic treatment, they may experience an orthodontic emergency. An orthodontic emergency is when something happens to the traditional metal braces that could severely damage your gums, teeth, or soft tissues. Keep reading to learn more about Wood Orthodontics, an emergency orthodontist in Weatherford, Texas.    When do you Need an Emergency Orthodontist? […]